Taekwon-do-Wales on Stage

Our show Taekwon-do-Wales on Stage has been running for 13 years, Its a great chance for parents, friends and families to see what we do with the students of all the Taekwon-do-Wales schools. We also let our students make up their owe routines and demo's it give them a chance to be creative and have fun in the process

  • Blackwood Miners TKD Show 2016

    High light clips of our show:- Taekwon-do-Wales on Stage 2016

  • Pats Ladies at Blackwood Miners 2016

    Pat's ladies class puts on a fun self defence show

  • TKD Wales on Stage 2014

    Clips and high lights of our 2014 at Blackwood miners

  • TKD Wales on Stage 2013

    Clips and highlights of the show at Blackwood miners

  • Sparring at Blackwood Miners

  • Patterns at Blackwood Miners

  • Black Belt Patterns at Blackwood Miners

  • Anthonis Self Defence

  • Anthoni and Gregg at Blackwood Miners

  • Taekwon-do-Wales Breaking at Blackwood Miners